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Our city is, boy, around 89 percent white. And then most of the people of color are Latinx people, not Black people. And so I found it heartening that so many people came out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, right in our city. And this is kind of what I hear from people who write to me on the city council—it came up in the last election—you know, there certainly are people who believe our city should stay tranquil and not involve ourselves with problems that are across the country or something. And I disagree. My opponent in the last campaign said she just didn’t think it was appropriate for an elected official.


We had a young lady that spoke that day [at the Anniston protest] that wasn’t so nice but I gave her the opportunity because everybody needs to speak their mind. She was crying and she was saying “white this” and “white folks this” and “white folks that.” I can understand how she’s feeling, but when I got the mic back from her, I told them, “If you come to the table everybody needs to be fed.”

And I said, “She spoke her mind and so I’m not gonna hold her accountable of her speaking her mind, but she needs to understand that when you go to another person’s house you respect that house. And so you don’t do the thing that you are telling white people… because all white people are not bad. And so right now you’re doing the same thing that white people have been doing to us for years. So what’s the difference? You looking out and you calling all these people around here racist—you don’t even know these people.” But you know, I can understand her being upset and crying. And Black Lives Matter, they brought their signs and stuff. And that was good. That was a good thing because people need to know how people feel. But I just try to do people fair. Just do what’s right.

It got quiet as a church mouse when she was talking about them. And the way she was doing she put all of them in the same basket. And what I’m saying to myself is, “You doing to them what they have done to us all our


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