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lives.” I came up with white-only signs at service stations. We only serve whites, and all of these things. And so I’ve been fighting injustice all my life. One of the reasons I’ve been fighting is because no one is to be juried by the color of their skin, or the race they are born in.



I played football in college. But I had teammates of all races and that’s really been evidence for me about how things can change because there’s people there, white guys, conservative, but by no means racist. And who probably voted for Trump. And I don’t believe they have any racial animus, but they didn’t see or didn’t really believe the claims people were making about Trump’s statements being outrageous and racially loaded. And despite that, after the Floyd video, I got a call from one of my teammates. I hadn’t talked to him in a couple years, and he was like, “Hey, man, just wanna talk through some things about something that happened in like 2006.” And I was like, “Something happened?” I didn’t even remember it at all. But he was like, “It was at a house party and someone said something or accused you of something. And I just want to say I’m sorry I didn’t speak up.” I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s really impactful.” That solidified for me that some people who I wouldn’t have otherwise expected are listening and open to thinking about things differently and that’s why I’ve been pushing to get people to use that openness to start teaching and start talking about what’s going on instead of just wasting the opportunity by just leveling, like, blanket accusations of racism, “that’s racist” statements—really dig into like, “Okay, well, let’s get into why things are the way they are.” And explain to people that while there may not be racial animus, it connects to something else with a racial history, or it’s a prior legacy of actual overt racism, and that’s why the situation is the way it is today.



As an upper-middle-class white person, police make my life easier, whether


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