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didn’t realize were racist until now. I think that’s what moved me. It made me want to start standing up and speaking.



I actually went and talked to the Kenosha Guard [an armed citizen-militia group] before any protesters got there. Like I said, I’m pretty much cool with everyone. They greeted me, they said hello to me. They told me exactly why they were there. I noticed Kyle Rittenhouse is there.* It didn’t seem like he was with anybody. He looked young. He had gloves on, which is weird, kind of, because no one else was wearing plastic gloves. Maybe it’s COVID but, you know, it was kind of weird. He was chain-smoking and stuff. So he definitely stood out in the crowd of them. Also, he didn’t really seem to be with anyone. He was, like, taking orders from people but he wasn’t necessarily—it didn’t seem like he was with anyone. So yeah, it was weird. I filmed pretty much everything that led up to the shooting. He ran by me. I noticed him running away or running by with no one chasing him, which was sketchy to me. So, like ten seconds after he ran by me, I went in the direction that he went in. And not two to three minutes later there was gunfire that was going off. It sounded like a shoot-out. Everybody ran away. Everybody was yelling. People were scared for their lives. I mean, I’m pretty sure—I’m almost 100 percent sure I filmed someone dumping a gun in a bush. So yeah, it was a very, very, very crazy situation that happened.

* Rittenhouse, a seventeen-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, shot three protesters in Kenosha that night, killing two of them.


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