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a new moment, to some degree, because more people are waking up to the seriousness of this issue. But it shouldn’t have taken this. You know, we saw the uprisings in Ferguson. We’ve seen many people killed since then. Why did it take this, which is reminiscent of a lynching in terms of how George Floyd was treated, for people to actually begin to care or at least to say that they care? That’s very troubling to me. So, I mean, I’m hopeful in the sense that, again, I’m going to keep fighting. There are tons of people who are going to keep fighting until we see change actually take place.



Well, Black Lives Matter was something that was coined in about—what?— 2014? And we’re bringing it back now. And now it’s in the news again. What happened in 2018? Why was it not in the news then? I’m sorry for yelling at you. But why was that not the focus? Two years later? So in 2022 will George Floyd Plaza be a cool place to take a selfie? Or will it be a place that is the linchpin, the catalyst, that spot where we find our soul? We see that this window to hell was by our own construction. We need to close it.


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