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A Pimpernel Garden Classic revised edition

‘ . . . invaluable not only as a study of a remarkable individual, but also as a description of a contemporary way of life’

Country Life

‘A detailed look at the previously unexplored artistic life and business acumen of one of the most influential garden designers . . . A must for understanding the woman,

her work, and her time’

American Gardener

Gertrude Jekyll was probably the most influential garden designer of the early twentieth century. In this classic work Judith Tankard and Martin Wood explore her life and work at the home she created for herself at Munstead Wood in Surrey. Here she exercised her knowledge of architecture and local building skills, and her passion for form, grouping and colour was given full scope in the garden which she designed and worked from scratch.

Taking as a basis Gertrude Jekyll’s own photographs, scrapbooks and notebooks, and the recollections of contemporaries from Edith Wharton and Vita Sackville-West to William Robinson and Henry Francis Du Pont, the authors describe not only the building and development of the house and garden but also Jekyll’s skills both in the arts and as a businesswoman, and her collaborations with architects – pre-eminently Edwin Lutyens, but also Oliver Hill and M.H. Baillie Scott, among many others.

This revised edition includes many photographs that have never previously been published.


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