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With charms extending from the romantic allure of double roses and the attentiongrabbing flamboyance of double tulips to the exquisite perfection of tiny double primroses, double flowers are among the most loved of our garden plants. Double Flowers: The Remarkable Story of Extra-Petalled Blooms is the first popular handbook to explore them in depth.

Double flowers are simply plants with a greater than normal number of petals or petallike structures. They occur spontaneously in the wild and can also be selected and bred. This superbly illustrated guide – begun by bestselling garden writer Nicola Ferguson before her death in 2007, and completed by Charles Quest-Ritson – celebrates some of the many thousands of beautiful double flowers produced throughout history. The book examines how doubles have arisen; how they are constructed; how and where they will flourish; their particular appeal and how best to place them in the garden; and the advantages and disadvantages of such flowers – for gardeners, for flower arrangers and for wildlife.

UK £30 US $45

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