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03 Editorial

05 Insight Antony Gormley contemplates a sculpture from Rapa Nui

06 News

10 Gifts from the past Aileen Dawson describes an outstanding porcelain collection

13 Around the UK

16 Across the world

18 Diary

20 Reflected lives Venetia Porter investigates contemporary art from the Middle East

24 Hokusai’s pictures of everything Tim Clark discusses an exciting new acquisition

28 ‘The British Museum survives’ Marjorie Caygill recalls previous Museum closures

31 Messages from Roman Britain Richard Hobbs interprets the Vindolanda tablets 34 Treating the tablets Tania Desloge and Barbara Wills reveal their conservation techniques

36 Shining in the dark Jiyi Ryu gives an insight into Korean lacquer

38 Flying Cranes conserved Meejung Kim-Marandet details the conservation of a Korean painting

40 The bravest men on earth? Andrew J. Bayliss sets Spartan athletics in context

44 The Brooks slave ship Jill Cook analyses a jug with a surprising message 46 Drawing from nature Susan Owens tells the story of sketching out of doors

48 Hidden behind gods and kings Amara Solari and Matthew Restall reconsider the longevity of Mayan society

52 Britannia’s coinage Andrew Brown asks what the distribution of Roman coins can tell us about life in this outpost of Empire

54 Preserving knowledge in uncertain times Ceri Ashley outlines a project dedicated to maintaining craft skills that are under threat of extinction

Hatti Akilak (1938– 2010), Inuit, Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada. Arctic Foliage. Felt and wool wall hanging. © Hatti Akilak.

58 Olives under the microscope Caroline Cartwright and James Fraser shed light on ancient olive production

61 Book reviews

64 Curator’s choice Rosina Buckland is enchanted by some playful monkeys

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IJ, Paper from responsible sources


~~-~ FSC®C008161

Cover Burhan Doğançay, A Look at the Bright Side, 1970, from the series ‘General Urban Walls’. Gouache on paper, 73 x 54 cm. Gift of Joanna G. Freistadt in honour of Alice Schwarz-Gardos. Reproduced by permission of the artist.

ISSN 09658297

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British Museum Magazine Winter 2020


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