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We thank Jo Christian and Gail Lynch of Pimpernel Press for publishing the book, Charles QuestRitson for writing the most eloquent, understanding and sympathetic of forewords, and Martin Gallagher of Zinco Design for his creative and imaginative vision.

We would also like to thank R. J. ( Jack) Young, from whose long memory of country ways and from whose generosity we have benefited for over thirty years.

And finally I must thank Marjorie, who throughout 2013 kept me locked indoors to write, through one of the best of summers, while she attended to all our gardening and public duties outdoors.


All photography by Val Corbett with the exception of those on the following pages: Jacqui Hurst, 232; Andrea Jones, 242; Frank Lawley, 37, 38, 39, 40, 161; Andrew Lawson, 120; Karen Melvin, 97, 98, 99, 118, 160, 168; Walsall Observer (1953), 20. Drawings and paintings by Frank Lawley unless ascribed to Marjorie Lawley.

Following page: Marjorie’s planting plans: detail of the formal garden.


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