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f r o n t cov e r In ‘The Smallest House in the Street’, a mahogany-framed convex mirror captures and encapsulates the sitting room, charging it with mystery and more than a dash of romance.

b ac k cov e r Now the grandest street in the area, stately Fournier Street concludes with Hawksmoor’s masterpiece Christ Church, Spitalfields.

e n d pa p e r s A large fragment of 1885 roller-printed wallpaper by Arthur Sanderson, the colours still fresh, was part of a cache found in the house described in ‘What Lies Beneath’.

h a l f -t i t l e pag e In the kitchen of ‘A Conversation Piece’, light and water shimmer on an ancient copper double sink. Neither steel nor porcelain comes anywhere near it for beauty.

t i t l e pag e In ‘A Connection with the Past’, distinctive effects created by time and life hold lost skills within them, as in a hand-forged butt hinge fixed with its original nails, and the paint layers around it, each with a story to tell.

co n t e n t s pag e In ‘The Paintmaker’s House’, the sympathetic textures and colours of roughly glazed stoneware, japanned tin, painted pine and dishes heaped with fruit, all lifted by blossom, make this still life a feast for the senses.

Restoration Stories © Pimpernel Press Limited 2019 Text © Philippa Stockley 2019 Photographs © Charlie Hopkinson 2019 Design by Becky Clarke Design

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