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THE HOUSE WITH GRAND ASPIRATIONS 10 A 1727 house in Spitalfields with an aristocratic past

A CONVERSATION PIECE 26 A painstaking repair of a 1725 house in Spitalfields

THE PAINTMAKER’S HOUSE 42 A historically coloured 1812 Regency house in Whitechapel

THE MODERN JEWELLER’S HOUSE 56 The 1740s house in Stepney that was almost lost

A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIVING 68 The 1790 coaching inn in Shadwell

WHAT LIES BENEATH 80 Rediscovering a 1726 house in Spitalfields

FIT FOR A QUEEN 90 An important 1726 silk-weaver’s house in Spitalfields

A DUTCH STILL LIFE 102 A picturesque 1794 house in South London

THE GLAMOUR OF SMOKE AND MIRRORS 114 A sculptor’s restoration of two joined 1797 Walworth houses

SAVING THE UNSAVABLE 126 An award-winning 1810 Regency house in Whitechapel

A DUTY OF CUSTODIANSHIP 140 A 1726 Spitalfields Grade II* house of distinction

A CONNECTION WITH THE PAST 152 The 1725 house that began a movement in 1976

THE SMALLEST HOUSE IN THE STREET 164 One-room-per-floor in a 1727 house in Spitalfields

KING HENRY VIII SLEPT HERE 176 A sixteenth-century Gatehouse on the Isle of Sheppey

THE CARPENTER’S SON 192 A lengthy restoration of a 1775 Shadwell house

AN ARTIST’S LIFE 206 Getting to grips with an 1812 house in Whitechapel

Glossary of terms 220 Further reading 221 Index 222

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