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REGULARS 8 NEWS, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTS Up-to-the-minute news and research from around the world. 15 LETTERS The chance to share your thoughts. 38 BOOK REVIEWS Showcasing the best reads. 52 ASK THE EXPERT In this issue our experts answer questions about Body Dysmorphic Disorder. CASE STUDIES

26 FINDING PEACE AMONG THE ASHES PTSD isn’t just for soldiers. After years of covering war and tragedy in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, it happened to Dean yates. 58 ON A MISSION TO UNDERSTAND DEPRESSION Is depression a chemical problem or a psychological problem? And does it need a chemical cure or a philosophical cure? Having just been diagnosed with this mental illness, Andrew Solomon was determined to find out.


80 SHINING A LIGHT ON THOSE YOU’VE LOST An insight into suicide from someone’s who experienced it “from both sides.”

WORKPLACE INITIATIVES 41 HOW MUCH DOES YOUR OFFICE NEED YOU? Addressing the balance between working from home and commuting to an office. 62 COVID-19 – COUNTING THE COST Best selling HR author Gethin Nadin discusses the mental and financial toll Coronavirus has had on society.

HEALTH AND PREVENTION 12 THE GUT BRAIN CONNECTION Learning how the gut is not only important for physical health, it also plays a critical role in mental health. 18 PATHWAYS TOWARDS A FULFILLED AND HAPPY LIFE When you're feeling the effects of stress and struggle, try following some of these tips and allow the light to shine in. 20 TRAINING TOWARDS FINANCIAL FITNESS Learning from the successful ‘couch to 5k’ in helping people feel better about their finances.



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