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The Wire Tapper 26 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

01Tirudel Zenebe “Gue” (Wire Tapper edit) From Ililta!: New Ethiopian Dance Music (Terp) Taken from a 12" split single shared with Tesfaye Taye, Tirudel Zenebe’s “Gue” was produced with Mesele Asmamaw, who has also worked with the Terp label on an earlier compilation documenting Ethiopian musicians’ rehabilitation of traditional dance musics lost during the nation’s Derg regime. This was recorded during one of Dutch underground group The Ex’s musical exchange trips to Ethiopia.

05Kikuchi Yukinori “Crystal” (Wire Tapper edit) From Luminous (Test Tone Music) Japanese computer musician Yukinori began making music as Billy? in 1993, the same year he launched his Test Tone Music label. Selecting sounds by improvisation and “considered unconsciousness”, his Max/MSP constructions have also been heard in sandmachine, ANSONIC and various overseas collaborations.

08Savaging Spires “Bending The Rules Of Time” From Savaging Spires (Critical Heights) This English group are drawing a veil over their identities for now, but their “work song for the dead”, with its ragged chorus, penny whistles and strings, invokes the glory days of pastoral psychedelia.

03 Aspec(t) “Intorno Al Drago” From a forthcoming Nuun Records release Naples’s Aspec(t) are SEC_ (Revox tape recorder, samples, no-input feedback) and Mario Gabola (acoustic/feedback saxophone and electroacoustic chain of resonant drums, piezo speaker feedback, mini-tapes, audio contact bars). “Feedback, self-regulating systems, mimicry, mutations, becoming-animal, asymmetrical dislocation” are the duo’s own keywords in their musique concrète research.

06Anne James Chaton & Andy Moor “Princess In A Mercedes Class S 280” From Transfer/2: Princess In A Car (Unsounds) Since Anne James Chaton joined The Ex on stage in 2004, the poet has collaborated with the group’s guitarist Andy Moor on various multimedia projects. Their Transfer series is based on themes of transportation and transition; this track comes from their ‘reconstruction’ of Princess Diana’s last hours before her fatal car accident in 1997, and features a rhythm track by Yannis Kyriakides.

09 Elektronavn Sacred Songbook “Path Bodhisattva” (Wire excerpt edition) Previously unreleased (Empty Sounds Rec) ESS is the work of Danish composer sound artist, songwriter and Improv drummer Magnus Olsen Majmon. His forthcoming album Fire Of Creation employs all these talents, which have previously been aired on other labels including Not Not Fun, Ikuisuus and Humbug. This track is licensed under Creative Commons.

02Joe Morris Wildlife “Display” (excerpt) From Traits (Riti/AUM Fidelity) Wildlife is one of free jazz bassist Joe Morris’s many projects. Beginning as a trio, it now includes Jim Hobbs (alto saxophone), Petr Cancura (tenor/alto saxophones), and Luther Gray (drums). “We use the idea of change as the primary device for the creation of sequence in performance,” comments Morris, “rather than relying on one piece. Our intent is always to reach for a highly spirited performance that grooves and is rich in melodic invention.”

04DJ Balli “Skatebored Is Not Skateboard” (Valpelice Live Mix 2011) From In Skateboard We Noize! (Sonic Belligeranza) “Hard electronics blaxploitation” is DJ Balli’s own description of his contaminated dancehall/hiphop rhythms and ripped noise shards. Working with exclusively skateboard-generated sounds here, the Italian’s noise-poisoned breaks use a combination of turntablism, sonic manipulation and “vinyl infringement”.

07Øystein Kapperud “Leland Wrapped In Plastic” From 311/Amnesia (Handmade Music) Sculpted in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway, Kapperud’s ethereal electronic music is, in his own words, a product of “being stuck inside four walls half of the year, left to break the imaginary ones open”.

10Contemporary Noise Sextet “Is That Revolution Sad?” From Ghostwriter’s Joke (Denovali) This Polish group’s repertoire uses jazz as a springboard to elegant compositions delivered with punky energy. Spacious pieces, filled out with piano and a brass section, build towards a climax they hope will “make the flesh creep”.

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