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CONTENTS Poems Aleš Šteger / Pines 7 Brian Henry In front of the border

Between this Petra White Mother on Men 10

Nightly, Daily Jason Allen-Paisant Fallen Beech 12

On the First Day of Autumn Roots Elisabeth Sharp McKetta Her Animal 18

Lobster Hour Stella N’Djoku / Julia from Comet 21 Anastasia Pelosi-Thorpe Selima Hill Standing on His Doorstep 24

The Beautiful Man Whose Name I Can’t Pronounce A Happy-looking Man Jelly Bucket What Kind of a Woman Am I? Chickens You Either Love a Person or You Don’t My Horse-hoof Soup Berries The Tank Kate Potts Past Tense 28 Dean Browne My Last Consultation 30

Barmbrack Mark Waldron Puppetry 33

Bacon and Egg Maurice Riordan The Beach Poem 35

The Surly Boy Jinjia Li / Jiaoyang Li from Icarus’ Labyrinth 38 and Kate Costello L.K. Holt Desolate Tranquillity 41 Helen Tookey Cypress 43

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