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34 The outsiders

We meet five people of colour who champion access to the great outdoors for all

Issue 104 / January – March 2021


56 Solidarity, strategy and social media stars

Trade unions may seem to belong to a bygone era, but a new wave of young people are signing up, and launching their own



08 In sight

In Burkina Faso, girls are rolling up their sleeves for better career prospects

10 News in brief

Be informed and inspired with our essential briefing for serious optimists worldwide

22 Positive picture

A social enterprise with the recipe for raising up some of society’s most disadvantaged

24 Good Figures

We’ve dissected the digits on some of this quarter’s most inspiring developments

49 Sparks

Conspiracy theories are on the rise. What can be done to manage misinformation?

74 Life after

The story of one man’s journey to come to terms with the death of his father

80 For the love of

Fresh air, fresh thinking: the woman whose mission is to get children outside

72 Silver linings

After the winter, we’re craving light. But we need darkness too – in our skies at least

76 The rewrite

Perspective-shifting ideas and uplifting innovations, to test the most stubborn of cynics

82 Our community

Hospital patients need all the help they can get to recover, including inspiring media


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