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OPENER Aliza Nisenbaum’s Team Time Storytelling, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, Covid Pandemic 2020 6

Q&A Cooking Sections talk to Tate Etc. about adapting our diets in response to the climate emergency 13

ART MATTERS Broadcaster Jon Snow shares how he gained a lasting appreciation of Stanley Spencer’s art 15

ON VIEW As Tate’s collection of fairy art is exhibited together for the first time, curator Carol Jacobi surveys 250 years of imagination and mischief 18

TATE MODERN From Here to Infinity As Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms go on display, Tate Etc. looks back at their 50-year history. Plus Frances Morris recalls her visits to the artist’s studio


TATE BRITAIN A Sketch at Every Turn Intimate, beautiful and extremely delicate, J.M. W.Turner’s sketchbooks are an insight into the painter’s extraordinary imagination


Yayoi Kusama in Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field at the exhibition Floor Show at Castellane Gallery, New York, 1965 (p.28)

J. M. W. Turner The Interior of a Tilt Forge c.1798 (p.34)

Schoolchildren in front of Steve McQueen's Year 3 at Tate Britain (p.41)

Simryn Gill Channel #18 2014 (p.49)


TATE BRITAIN A Glimpse of the Future Steve McQueen’s epic portrait of over 75,000 of London’s Year 3 pupils has been enjoyed by many. Here, he talks to journalist Gary Younge about what the project has meant to him and how it connects to his own London childhood


TATE MODERN The Diaspora Dilemma Geri Chan-Blackburn, the winner of the first Tate Collective Writing Prize, sees a tale of inner conflict and ‘environmental racism’ in a photograph by Simryn Gill



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