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12 Look Back in Anger Seasoned campaigner, Jonathon Porritt, highlights the dangers of procrastination and makes an urgent case for climate action.

14 Transformative Adaptation Rupert Read presents a new approach to the climate crisis, one that unites practical mitigation with protest.

21 From Slash and Burn to Food Forests Contour Lines are the winners of the 2020 Permaculture Magazine Prize. Sean Dixon Sullivan describes how a simple approach to contour planting can blossom into a forest of solutions.

49 Nurturing Soil, Nourishing Souls By bringing people together, EcoHub creates fertile ground for healing trauma, bridging divides and regenerating the natural environment. A 2020 Permaculture Magazine Prize runner up.

52 Permaculture in the Living Landscape Rob Owen and Mim McDonald explore what happens when we apply permaculture principles to land management at scale.

56 We are the Tree Generation Rob Squires has spent his life finding solutions. Now he wants to scale up carbon sequestration by making new woodlands financially viable.

60 The Place of Pasture-Fed Cattle in the Landscape Can we balance farm animals in permaculture systems and the landscape at large? Wade Muggleton shares his experiences of keeping a small herd of cattle.

63 Mix It Up! Kim Stoddart explains why, in the time of climate crisis, polycultures offer a resilient alternative to a block planted veg patch.

65 Grow Your Own Seasonal Remedies Anne Stobart suggests plants to boost immunity and wellbeing from the medicinal home and forest garden. 68 Developing Personal Resilience with Permaculture Jasmine Dale suggests a technique to help us identify our resources and challenges, bringing greater balance into our lives.

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1 Editorial 25 Readers’ Solutions Make your own handcart and the multifunctional woodburner.

35 News and Events Free online permayouth festival, Rainforest saver, free courses.

45 Permaculture Market 71 Letters 72 Reviews 77 Courses 85 Classifieds 88 Subscriptions

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