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COVER STORY: AI FOR HUMANKIND Artificial Intelligence: Just Who Is In Charge Around Here? An Exclusive Interview with Professor David De Cremer, Founder and Director, Centre on AI Technology for Humankind, NUS


A SPECIAL REPORT ON AI AND HUMANS BY AITH, NUS BUSINESS SCHOOL A Focus on the Relationship between AI and Humans


Watched Over by Machines: AI and Surveillance at Work Andreas Deppeler


Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises through the Synergy of AI and Blockchain Yan Pang


Human-Algorithm Collaboration in Managerial Decision Making Tessa Haesevoets, David De Cremer, Kim Dierckx, and Alain Van Hiel


The Service Revolution, Intelligent Automation and Service Robots Jochen Wirtz, Werner Kunz, and Stefanie Paluch


Synergy or Conflict? Lessons for managers on how to successfully adopt AI to augment employee creativity Jakob Stollberger and David De Cremer


Humanising Robots: Increases Consumer Satisfaction and Forgiveness of Their Failures Kai Chi Yam and David De Cremer


AI IN FINANCE Promise and Challenge: AI in the Trade Finance Industry Interview with Graham Bright, Head of Compliance and Operations, Euro Exim Bank


EXECUTIVE EDUCATION No Firm is an Island: Succeeding with Alliances Wharton Executive Education


STRATEGY Focus on Value: What Your Company Does Matters More Than Where It Sits Rachael Bartels and Kathleen O’Reilly


LEADERSHIP The Wise Leader Michael Chaskalson, Philippa Hardman, and Chris Nichols


ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE How Enterprises Can Create Meaningful Purpose Together with their Stakeholders Nicholas Ind and Venkat Ramaswamy


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Why Is Digital Transformation So Hard? Leaders must manage multifaceted change, not technology adoption Fred Geyer and Joerg Niessing


KNOWLEDGE Organisational Diffi culties In Producing Thought Leadership William Harvey, Vince-Wayne Mitchell, Alessandra Almeida Jones, and Eric Knight


FUTURE OF BUSINESS Using the Triaxial Model of Values to Build Resilience in a COVID-19 VUCA World Anat Garti and Simon Dolan


BUSINESS ETHICS Raising the Ethical Bar: Ethical Audits and Positive Culture Transformation Simon Dolan, Steven Hawkins, Chad Albrecht, and Bonnie Richley


DIGITAL MARKETING Digital Marketing: AI Enables Expanded Roles for Marketers Seth Earley

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