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the Songs (1907), Hands (2011), Keats Lives (2015) and Donegal Tarantella (2019). I have made minor changes to a few poems. My first collection, Oar, was edited by Jessie Lendennie and Mike Allen of Salmon Publishing, Galway, who took great care with the production and proofreading, with the quality of the paper and with the printing of the cover illustration. This collection was republished in 1994, when Salmon came under the wing of Poolbeg Press. The Parchment Boat was carefully edited and published by Peter and Jean Fallon of Gallery Press, who also republished Oar in 2000. The subsequent four collections were meticulously edited by Judith Willson, Luke Allan, Andrew Latimer and Michael Schmidt of Carcanet Press. I take this opportunity to thank all of the above editors for their attentive and painstaking work.

I warmly thank the Tyrone Guthrie Centre; The Pier Arts Centre, Orkney; Trent University, Ontario; Kerry Co. Council; Waterford Co. Council; The Verbal Arts Centre, Derry; Le Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris; The Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts; the Centre d ’Art i Natura de Farrera, Catalunya, and The Heinrich Böll Cottage, Achill, for their gracious hospitality during the writing of some of these poems. Sincere thanks are also due to Charles A. Heimbold and the Department of Irish Studies at Villanova University for a fruitful semester spent there. Gratitude is due to Aosdána and the Arts Council of Ireland which have made it possible for me, and for many others, to pursue writing as a profession. Special thanks are due also to my friends, Kathleen Loughnane, Mary Armstrong and Michael Coady, and to my husband, John Roden, who have often been the first readers of my poems. Finally, I would also like to thank John for his unfailing patience and support on so many fronts and for his wizardry with matters technological.


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