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RED ARTIST: BRENDAN (CHINATOWN BRANCH) “I’m a self taught painter who has always tried to squeeze in occasional bouts of painting and drawing between day job and real life responsibilities. I joined Twitter in 2010 and started posting street scene paintings of my neighbourhood in New York. Barney at Red News spotted them and asked if I’d do a United piece for RN. I’ve tried to do a piece for every issue since then.

I trained (in Leeds) and work (in New York) as a landscape architect so I have a background in architectural and landscape drawing and that probably feeds my interest in painting the stadium and crowds more than things that happen on the pitch (I try to leave that to the experts!). I’ve done a lot of takes of Old Trafford through the years - the many iterations of the Forecourt, rainy skies over the Stretford End, Wonderfuel Gas, crowds walking to a floodlit stadium at night. I try to focus on capturing the mood and atmosphere, the sense of anticipation heading to the ground. I’ve also tried to capture scenes of United supporters in the stands in places like Rotterdam, Villa Park in 2002 and the Nou Camp.

Inspired by some of the illustrators I know who do United work, I had a go at some more abstract paintings using United’s colours, crests, flags and old kits like the ‘78 away and ‘77 cup final strip.

I admire the work of a few north western artists such as Harold Riley, Ian Mood and in particular Liam Spencer, who captures light and mood effortlessly. Twitter has been a particularly good place to share work and I’ve been lucky to get a lot of support from Reds on there.” Brendan Gallery:

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