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CONTENTS p. 14 African creative writing At last, African authors find their place in the literary sun.

Readers’ views 04 Your comments and letters Kaleidoscope 06 Briefs 11 Quote/unquote Editorial 13 Surviving the age of Trumpism Cover story 14 An explosion of

African creative writing 15 Writing for the world 18 New African Readers’ Club 20 A powder keg of moral corruption 22 Epic sci-fi saga set in Africa Baffour’s beefs 24 Imagine if they had been Black Long read 26 Ethiopia’s civil conflict is over – or is it? Ivor at large 30 A letter to President Biden African lives matter 32 Culture of denial masks racism in South African sport

Black lives matter 36 Sir Lewis Hamilton –

a role model for today’s world Moky’s musings 37 Making democracy work Environment 38 Africa faces $3trn climate change bill Letter from london 40 The serpent of racism wounded, not killed The bigger picture 42 Africa now eye of global terrorism storm Jo’burg diary 46 We don’t have the luxury of forgetting Apartheid Survey 48 Africa’s biggest survey of youth attitudes 50 African youth overwhelmingly positive about future

Focus on learning 52 Developing employable skills 54 Sharing global know-how for personal growth 55 My journey into science:

personal narratives 60 Boosting female teacher numbers in Nigeria Speaker’s corner 62 Governance – the good,

the bad and the ugly Around Africa 64 South Africa –

country in need of a miracle 68 Mozambique – sleepwalking into a terrorist nightmare? Sport 70 African soccer star profiles:

Mario Balotelli and Hakim Ziyech Back to the future 74 Lessons from a year of Covid-19

Top: A reader enjoying Chinua Achebe’s classic novel, Things Fall Apart

NewAfrican The bestselling pan-African magazine, founded in 1966. FEBRUARY/MARCH 2020 ISSUE 606

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