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CONTENTS Contents February 2021 Issue Nº 480

Cover story Bouncing back? Africa faces up to the cost of Covid-19

Business Intelligence 4 News and deals from around Africa

Cover Story: Africa in 2021 12 Bouncing back? Africa faces up to the cost of Covid-19 20 Interview: Miguel Azevedo,

Head of Corporate and Investment Banking for Africa (ex South Africa), Cit igroup

Opinion 23 Africa must hope for best and prepare for worst 26 How should Africa deal with a resurgent China? 28 Four lessons Africa should learn from the pandemic

Briefing: South Africa 30 Ramaphosa’s fight for the future of South Africa 34 Can renewables solve South

Africa’s energy problems? 36 South African companies make waves in technology

Features 38 African investors ride the Bitcoin tiger 40 Are electric cars a threat to

Nigeria’s oil economy?

42 Solving Africa’s vaccine storage problem 44 World Bank faces credibility crisis 46 AfCFTA launches –

now we must make it succeed 48 Interview: Pamela Coke-Hamilton,

Executive Director, International Trade Centre (ITC) 54 Briefing: Mixed outlook for

African mining 58 Interview: Ibrahima Cheikh Diong,

Director General, Africa Risk Capacity Group 60 Interview: Matt Lilley,

CEO Africa, Prudential

Countryfiles 62 Museveni wins election but Uganda’s woes remain 64 Nigeria reopens land borders to trade 66 Ethiopian telecoms open for business

Book Review 72 Formation: The Making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation

Editor’s View 74 Africa reels under second wave

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