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Contents March 2021 • Volume 93 • Issue 03

20SETBACK Four years of the Trump administration saw US climate policies rolled back and environmental regulations weakened. In this month’s dossier, Mark Rowe examines the USA’s particular vulnerability to climate change and asks what the future might hold under Joe Biden.

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UK GOLD In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, miners are looking to the hills and mountains for gold deposits. The hunt for the yellow metal has returned.

CASTING A WIDE NET Once known for abundant fisheries, Senegal’s waters are becoming overexploited, leading to an exodus of fishermen.

53DOWN ON THE EIDER FARM Polar explorer Felicity Aston and her Icelandic husband relocate to the island of Vigur to became eider down farmers.


THE BROTHERHOOD The elegant clothes and energetic pantsula dancing of South Africa’s Brotherhood Social Club are only a small part of the group’s crimefighting story.


WORLDWATCH 6 Brazil under Bolsonaro 8 Proving climate change 9 Climatewatch 10 Rescuing oysters 11 I’m a geographer: Peter

Fretwell 12 Geopolitical hotspot: Western Sahara 14 Protecting rhinos 15 Opinion: agroecology 16 Research round-up 18 Green steel REGULARS 48 Geo-graphic: fashion 48 Reviews 62 Geo-photographer 72 Where in the world? 73 Crossword 74 In Society; RGS–IBG events 76 RGS-IBG archive 78 Discovering Britain 82 Next month

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