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China and Africa The New Era DANIEL LARGE Central European University China’s engagement in Africa was once associated primarily with economic interests – from oil and mining to infrastructure construction and business – but following the end of a long economic boom, and China’s more ambitious foreign policy since 2012, politics has become more central. In this new book, expert Daniel Large provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to contemporary China-Africa relations. China’s “new era” under Xi Jinping revealed a self-proclaimed major power that presents itself as both the model and enabler for African development. Often depicted as either predatory or benign, Large goes beyond such superficial categories to explore how Africa is—and isn’t—integral to China’s global ambitions (from the Belt and Road Initiative to strategic competition with the United States) and how African actors shape and constrain China’s engagement in the region. He also shows that, as China seeks to protect its investments, security has become a particularly notable new area of engagement. This introduction to our new era of China-Africa relations will be essential reading for students and scholars working on global politics, development, and international relations. SERIES: CHINA TODAY 210 x 148mm / 260 pages / September 2021 UK, October 2021 US HB / 978-1-5095-3632-0 / £50.00 / $64.95 / €61.90 PB / 978-1-5095-3633-7 / £15.99 / $22.95 / €19.90 ebook available

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China Goes Green Coercive Environmentalism for a Troubled Planet YIFEI LI AND JUDITH SHAPIRO NYU Shanghai; American University “Brilliantly redefines our understanding of modern Chinese governance… These insights are vital to understanding not only China’s environmental policy but also its handling of public-health emergencies and other issues of urgent global interest.” Evan Osnos, author of Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China “Through nuanced case studies from urban air quality to reforestation, China Goes Green inspires us to focus on the relationship between sustainability and freedom – an endangered species in our increasingly illiberal world.’ Jesse Ribot, American University “China Goes Green will help students, researchers, and the general public understand how to think about China’s ’authoritarian environmentalism’ — or more accurately, as Li and Shapiro argue — ‘environmental authoritarianism’ under Xi Jinping. A concise guide to a very important issue.” Emily Yeh, University of Colorado Boulder What does it mean for the future of the planet when one of the world’s most durable authoritarian governance systems pursues “ecological civilization”? Despite its staggering pollution and colossal appetite for resources, China exemplifies a model of state-led environmentalism which concentrates decisive political, economic, and epistemic power under centralized leadership. On the face of it, China seems to embody hope for a radical new approach to environmental governance. In this thought-provoking book, Yifei Li and Judith Shapiro probe the concrete mechanisms of China’s coercive environmentalism to show how “going green” helps the state to further other agendas such as citizen surveillance and geopolitical influence. Through topdown initiatives, regulations, and campaigns to mitigate pollution and environmental degradation, the Chinese authorities also promote control over the behavior of individuals and enterprises, pacification of borderlands, and expansion of Chinese power and influence along the Belt and Road and even into the global commons. Given the limited time that remains to mitigate climate change and protect millions of species from extinction, we need to consider whether a green authoritarianism can show us the way. This book explores both its promises and risks.

216 x 138mm / 256 pages / July 2020 UK, September 2020 US HB / 978-1-5095-4311-3 / £50.00 / $64.95 / €61.90 PB / 978-1-5095-4312-0 / £15.99 / $22.95 / €19.90 ebook available

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