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10 Editorial

38 Be well, or else!

Toni Ross

50 ‘New ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new’: Absurdity and sincerity in the work of the Institute for New Feeling Emma Crott

58 ‘Clean beauty’ branding:

A bricolage of bodily and spiritual health, ancient wisdom and ethical virtue Juliana Luna Mora and Toni Ross

62 Corporate spirituality in

Timur Si-Qin’s ‘New Peace’ Grant Stevens

68 Decisions, decisions, decisions:

Amber Boardman’s cartoon worlds Wes Hill

74 Wellness versus art

Robert Leonard

80 Anthony Mannix’s mixed realities

Anthony White

92 All men choose the path they walk: Art and the scales of justice Fiona Foley

100 Art education in crisis under

COVID Ann Stephen

106 Planting the seeds:

‘Space YZ’ at Campbelltown Arts Centre Luke Létourneau, Campbelltown

110 Daniel Thomas’s Recent Past:

Writing Australian Art Ann Stephen


Cover: Amber Boardman, Self-care exhaustion, 2018, acrylic on polyester, 182.9 x 182.9cm; courtesy the artist and Chalk Horse, Sydney

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