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69 Dispatch from Bangkok

Siti Muharam

J o h n

C l e w l e y

17 Introducing... Gájanas

61 Live Reviews

S a u t i z a

B u s a r a

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 08 What’s New 14 Folk Focus 15 Spotlight:

#SeaShanties 16 Introducing...

Caravela & Gájanas 18 Simon Says 19 Letters

Simon Says Letters

I l k a S c h l o c k e r m a n n

FEATURES 20 Astor Piazzolla

The legacy of a tango genius 26 Senyawa

Maverick Indonesian duo celebrate ten years 28 Stella Chiweshe

Mbira player in tune with the Shona spirits 32 Omar Sosa

Mbira player in tun with the Shona spir 32 Omar Sosa

The Cuban pianist takes a journey to East Africa 36 Luedji Luna

The Cuban pianist t journey to East Afri 36 Luedji Luna

Singer tackles the big issues of Brazilian society

Singer tackles the b issues of Brazilian s

28 Stella

28 Stella



REVIEWS 40 Africa 44 Americas 46 Europe 50 Middle East 52 Asia 53 Pacific 54 Fusion 58 Classical & Jazz 59 World Cinema 60 Live Reviews


62 My World:

Lopa Kothari 64 Beginner’s Guide to Kíla 67 Quickfire 69 Dispatch from

Bangkok, Thailand 70 My Instrument:

Melisa Yıldırım 71 Soapbox 74 Essential 10:

Piazzolla & Beyond

“There is something about the singing in unison, the harmonies, the community spirit, that’s what makes it for me… we all need this” Billy Rough speaks to Nathan Evans about how he started a TikTok sea shanty craze, see p15


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