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CONTENTS VOL 169 NO 32 3 Britain Yearly Meeting Epistle 4-5 Canterbury 2011: photo montage 6-7 The time is now Ian Kirk-Smith 8 The Salter Lecture: Tony Benn

Symon Hill 9-13 Reports: 9 Interfaith forum 10 Changes to Meeting for Sufferings 11 Economic justice 12 Peace 350 13 Quaker marriage procedure 14 Sharing the miracle Laurie Michaelis 15 A new look for the Friends Quarterly Tony Stoller 16-17 Snapshots 18 Letters 19 Poem: Curmudgeonly sonnet at YMG Rob Paton 20 Unconditional kindness Charlotte Lake 19 Poem: The other pilgrim Helen Drewery 22 Friends and Meetings

Cover image: Parachute games at Canterbury. Photo: Trish Carn.

Four generations of Friends at YMG: Betty Smith (Cotteridge), Ann Bettys (Huddersfield), Kate Barron (Harpenden) with Henry and Chloe Barron.

Imperial War Museum children’s event: Jane Serrallier will speak about The Silver Sword on Tuesday 16 August at 11.00am, as part of the IWM Children’s Literature Festival, 13-21 August. For more information see ‘Listen to them Breathe’: A programme about Quaker poets will air on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 14 August at 4.30pm. Written by Quaker poet, Sibyl Ruth, it is repeated on 20 August at 11.30pm on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Longwave. It includes poems by UA Fanthorpe, Philip Gross, Dorothy Nimmo and Sibyl Ruth.

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