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picture credits

Models and riggers: Unnamed; Miss Bones (model) and Fred Hatt (rigger), page 16, page 94; Cad and Phoenix Flight, page 64, page 69; Denisse, Whiterabbit and Udo, cover, title page, page 52, page 65, page 75, page 88; Gorgone and Nina Russ, opposite Shibari Carmina ‘instructions’; Isabelle Hanikamu and Koikunawa, page 93; O.c. Harddwn and Fred Rx, page 98; MaYa Homerton and Miss Eris, page 8 (lower); Ada La Venom and Osada Steve, page 6, page 8 (upper), page 13; Ayumi LaNoire, page 24; Federica Laquartacorda and Andrea Quartacorda, page 40; Niyouli and Yoroï Nicolas, page 85; Kitty Rea and Maxim Kalahari, page 39; Kitty Rea and Nina Russ, opposite Propertius epigraph, also page 58; Sasha and Gestalta, page 22; Skinny Red Art, page 71; Tenshiko and Kirigami, page 10; Zlata and Red Lily, page 21, page 96. With thanks to Nina and Aidan – BiZarre Events London (page 29, page 33).


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