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Cosmochemist Studies the chemical make-up of the universe through extraterrestrial objects such as meteorites and asteroids.

Crusades Series of Medieval religious wars fought by Christian Europeans, mostly against Muslims.

Cuneiform One of the earliest writing systems, developed in the 3000s BCE.

Cyanobacteria Tiny organisms, each only a single cell, that produce energy by photosynthesis.

Dendrochronologist Studies the make-up of tree rings for information about Earth’s atmosphere in the past.

Democracy Political system where the people have power over their leaders, often choosing them by majority vote.

Dictator A ruler who governs with total power and without the approval of the people.

DNA A chemical in the nucleus of cells that carries the instructions for how a living thing develops and functions.

Domestication Process of breeding species to be more useful to humans than in their wild form.

Dreamtime According to Aboriginal belief, a legendary period in the past when heroes created the universe.

Dynasty A series of rulers or leaders from a single family.


Equation in physics which shows that matter can be converted into huge amounts of energy.

Egyptologist Studies Ancient Egypt, including searching for and exploring ruins.

Electricity The movement of electrons, particles which carry electrical charge. Used by humans to power machines.

Entolomogist Studies insects, the most diverse and numerous group of animals on the planet.

Eukaryotes Organisms with cells containing a nucleus and other structures that create things the body needs.

Explorer Travels into the unknown to explore new lands, before reporting back with their findings.

Extinction The end of a species, when all individuals have died out.

Fertile Crescent Area in the Middle East and Egypt where farming developed around 10,000 years ago.

Feudalism Medieval system in which people swear oaths of military service in return for land.

Fish Group of animals with backbones which live in water. Examples include sharks and goldfish.

Five Pillars of Islam The five fundamental requirements of Sunni Islam.

Fossil Preserved remains or traces of a living organism from a long time ago.

Fungi Group of organisms that feed on living or once-living things and reproduce using spores.

Galleon Large wooden ship developed in the 1400s and 1500s, mainly used in war.

Glacier Mass of compacted snow and ice which exists year-round and spreads out over time.

Globalisation System which links people across the globe through trade and industry.

Global warming The steady increase of average world temperature over time, today caused in part by pollution.

Golden Age A period in history when major advances in technology, art or other areas are made.

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