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Keep this flap open to check what the symbols on the monster cards mean.

Doing these things will shrink the monsters. You will need to ask your parent or guardian for help with some of them.


RESPECT nature. Don’t drop litter or harm the environment.

CAMPAIGN and be heard! Add your voice to those fighting climate change.

LEARN. Read about and follow the news on climate change. Knowledge is power.

Ask your family if they can SWITCH to an energy provider that uses renewable sources.

PLAN. Can your family reduce, reuse and recycle more efficiently?

SHARE. Use libraries, public transport and car pools to reduce your carbon footprint.

REDUCE consumption. Try to buy second-hand rather than new products.

RECYCLE properly. Investigate where you can recycle different items in your local area.

SHOP wisely. Buy local organic produce that is in season and avoid plastic where you can.

CHECK food labels for the ingredients and origin. Look for food that is made in a sustainable way.

GO GREEN. Eat more fruit, vegetables and pulses, like beans and lentils, instead of meat.

MEND your things rather than throwing them away and buying new ones.

SAVE WATER by taking shorter showers and turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth.

AVOID bottled water. Use a refillable bottle instead.

TURN DOWN heating and air conditioning. Changing it by just a few degrees makes a big difference.

REPORT environmental problems to your local council. This helps companies improve their environmental practices.

RIDE your bike or walk. Fewer cars on the road means less greenhouse gas emissions.

TRAVEL by train instead of aeroplane. Or suggest trying a staycation instead of leaving the country.

LIGHT your home with energy-saving warm LED bulbs.

SAVE ENERGY. Avoid putting devices in standby mode. Unplug them instead.

PLANT flowers or trees in your garden. Plants help to clean the air, retain water and lower temperatures.

Human actions that will feed monsters and help them grow.

BURNING coal, oil and gas releases carbon dioxide.

HEATING and cooling homes with fossil fuels creates air pollution.

PRODUCING materials in large factories releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

DRIVING in cars and lorries uses fossil fuels and creates greenhouse gases.

FLYING in aeroplanes releases vast amounts of carbon dioxide.

Building CONSTRUCTION is a source of dust and carbon dioxide.

BUYING lots of new things and not fixing them when they are broken adds to the landfill problem.

POPULATION growth means that there is a higher demand for resources.

EATING meat and dairy means that there are more animals to produce methane.

USING nuclear energy creates dangerous nuclear waste.

DUMPING rubbish instead of recycling or composting creates litter and greenhouse gases.

BURNING forests destroys animal habitats and creates carbon dioxide.

SMOKING cigarettes pollutes the air and litters the land and sea.

SPRAYING pesticides contaminates water and land.

USING bluish-tinged LEDs or non-energy-saving bulbs wastes electricity.

WASHING clothes made of synthetic cloth flushes tiny bits of their plastic fibres into the water system and then to the ocean.

LITTERING causes rubbish to end up in the sea.

IGNORING the climate change problem and hoping it will go away means that the situation will continue to get worse.

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