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Black is the Journey, Africana the Name MABOULA SOUMAHORO University of Tours Translated by Kaiama Glover In this highly original book, Maboula Soumahoro explores the cultural and political vastness of the Black Atlantic, where Africa, Europe and the Americas were tied together by the brutal realities of the slave trade and colonialism. Each of these spaces has its own way of reading the black body and the black experience, and its own modes of visibility, invisibility, silence and amplification of black life. By weaving together her personal history with that of France and its abiding myth of color-blindness, she highlights the banality and persistence of structural racism in France today and shows that freedom will be found in the journey and movement between the sites of the Atlantic triangle. Africana is the name of that freedom. This book makes an important intellectual contribution to contemporary public conversations and theoretical inquiry into race, racism, blackness, and identity today, as it probes and questions the academic methodologies that have functioned as structures of exclusion. SERIES: CRITICAL SOUTH 216 x 138mm / 120 pages / September 2021 UK / November 2021 US 978-1-5095-4832-3 hb £45.00, $54.95, €55.90 978-1-5095-4833-0 pb £12.99, $16.95, €15.90 ebook available

Resolutely Black Conversations with Françoise Vergès AIMÉ CÉSAIRE Translated by Matthew B. Smith “Whether it be his poetry, plays, essays, or speeches, Aimé Césaire's writing has remained a canonical essential for over 50 years, but only with the arrival of Resolutely Black can we now enjoy the kinds of detailed insights and commentary worthy of his stature. The interviews with Françoise Vergès further underscore the unnerving prescience of Césaire when it comes to racial politics while also providing much-needed context, depth and texture. A ‘must’ for all students and scholars who study power, diaspora, culture, identity and belonging in the modern world. How can thinkers grapple with the question of the human when they have been dehumanized? How can thinkers grapple with the question of the human when they have been dehumanized? How can black thinkers confront and make sense of a world structured by antiblackness, a world that militates against the very existence of blacks?” Michelle Wright, Emory University SERIES: CRITICAL SOUTH 216 x 138mm / 128 pages / November 2019 UK / January 2020 US 978-1-5095-3714-3 hb £50.00, $64.95, €61.90 978-1-5095-3715-0 pb £14.99, $19.95, €18.90 ebook available

W. E. B. Du Bois The Lost and the Found ELVIRA BASEVICH University of Massachusetts, Lowell “With the breadth of a biographer, the depth of a philosopher, and the vision of a poet, Elvira Basevich gives us a compelling elucidation of W. E. B. Du Bois’s radical liberalism. This is essential reading for understanding why Du Bois still matters!” Charles Mills, City University of New York W. E. B. Du Bois spent many decades fighting to ensure that African Americans could claim their place as full citizens and thereby fulfill the deeply compromised ideals of American democracy. Yet he died in Africa, having apparently given up on the United States. In this tour de force, Elvira Basevich examines this paradox by tracing the development of his life and thought and the relevance of his legacy to our troubled age. She adroitly analyzes the main concepts that inform Du Bois’s critique of American democracy, such as the color line and double consciousness, before examining how these concepts might inform our understanding of contemporary struggles from the Black Lives Matter movement to the campaign to remove Confederate monuments. She stresses the continuity in Du Bois’s thought, from his early writings to his later embrace of self-segregation and panAfricanism, while not shying away from assessing the challenging implications of his later work. This wonderful book vindicates the power of Du Bois’s thought to help transform a stubbornly unjust world. It is essential reading for racial justice activists as well as students of African-American philosophy and political thought. SERIES: BLACK LIVES 210 x 140mm / 304 pages / October 2020 UK / November 2020 US 978-1-5095-3573-6 hb £55.00, $69.95, €67.90 978-1-5095-3574-3 pb £16.99, $24.95, €21.90 ebook available

The Black Register TENDAYI SITHOLE University of South Africa (UNISA) “Tendayi Sithole is one of the most creative thinkers of his generation, in any hemisphere. A bold and sublime meditation on how key black thinkers have confronted the ongoing catastrophe of antiblackness, The Black Register builds on the past to enact a new form of black political resistance. Ought to be essential reading for anyone concerned about our future.” Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination SERIES: CRITICAL SOUTH 216 x 138mm / 304 pages / March 2020 UK / May 2020 US 978-1-5095-4206-2 hb £55.00, $69.95, €67.90 978-1-5095-4207-9 pb £17.99, $24.95, €21.90 ebook available

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