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28 Timeline An overview of the bitter protests, brutal murders and social upheaval that led to the birth of the USSR

30 The gathering storm e seeds of discontent and revolution were apparent in Russia long before the events of 1917

34 Myths of the Russian Revolution Helen Rappaport debunks six common misconceptions about revolutionary Russia

40 The year that changed everything What caused the political and social upheaval of 1917? 44 Vladimir Lenin Discover the story behind the man who led the Bolsheviks to power

45 Death of a dynasty We revisit the bloody and brutal murders of Nicholas II and his family in July 1918

50 Rivals of the revolution Meet three very di erent revolutionary players: Alexander Kerensky, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin

52 How the Bolsheviks seized power Months of unrest preceded the October Revolution of 1917

55 Conflict within More bloodshed was to come in the wake of the revolution

56 What came next e founding and fall of the USSR

G The Romanov murders sent shockwaves around the royal houses of Europe, yet none could, or would, save them


58 The price of beauty Lucy Jane Santos delves into the dangerous history of cosmetics – from X-ray hair removal to arsenic wafers






62 Spotlight on Agatha Christie A life of mystery and intrigue worthy of Hercule Poirot himself

64 The A–Z of Downing Street Felicity Day reveals 26 fascinating facts about one of the most famous streets in the world

70 What if... the Normans had lost in 1066?




G The pursuit of beauty could have dire consequences G Agatha Christie gave the world Hercule Poirot

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