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F The Bolsheviks seized the Winter Palace and toppled Russia’s Provisional Government



G Lenin was a key figure in the Russian Revolution G Food shortages were a big factor for revolution

H Power struggles were rife in post-revolutionary Russia



G The new USSR would flex its muscles across Europe


6 Snapshots A golf-playing ‘robot’ and more

12 What We’ve Learned This Month Celtic moustaches, golden tongues and much more

14 My Life In History Jason Sandy and Nick Stevens, mudlarks on the river ames

16 This Month In... 1789 William Bligh is cast adrift with 18 men after a mutiny on the Bounty

21 In A Nutshell Jim Crow Laws in the US

73 Ask the Experts What is a tell-tale compass? What did it mean to ‘spend the dollar’? ese and more historical questions answered

79 TV, Film & Radio is month’s history entertainment

82 What’s On Five online exhibitions and events

84 Books & Podcasts e latest historical releases and podcasts

86 Historical Fiction Kaitlyn Greenidge shares an extract from her recent book, Libertie

87 Crossword 88 Letters 89 Next Issue 90 Photo Finish


G How much do you know about the prime minister’s o cial residence?

G What if William the Conqueror had been defeated at the battle of Hastings?


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