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Cryptocommunism MARK ALIZART Translated by Robin Mackay “A fascinating antidote to reductive takes on cryptocurrencies.” Nick Srnicek, King’s College London In this book Mark Alizart argues that the significance of cryptocurrencies goes well beyond cryptoanarchism: in fact, they form the basis for a political regime that begins to look like a communism which has at last come to fruition. Series: Theory Redux 190 x 124mm • 144 pages • UK July 2020, US September 2020 HB • 978-1-5095-3857-7 • £35.00 / $45.00 / €42.90 PB • 978-1-5095-3858-4 • £9.99 / $12.95 / €12.90 ebook available


The Society of Singularities ANDREAS RECKWITZ Humboldt University Translated by Valentine A. Pakis “Only a few books fundamentally alter the way you look at the world. This book ranks among them.” Urs Gasser, Harvard University In this major book, Andreas Reckwitz examines the causes, structures and consequences of the society of singularities in which we now live. In late modernity, what is singular is valorized and stirs the emotions, while what is general has to remain in the background, with profound social consequences. 229 x 152mm • 432 pages • UK April 2020, US June 2020 HB • 978-1-5095-3422-7 • £35.00 / $45.00 / €42.90 ebook available


The End of Illusions Politics, Economy, and Culture in Late Modernity ANDREAS RECKWITZ Humboldt University Translated by Valentine A. Pakis We live in a time of great uncertainty and the idea that humanity might be on a progressive path to a better future seems like a grand illusion. Building on his pathbreaking work, The Society of Singularities, Andreas Reckwitz examines how contemporary societies have undergone a profound structural shift over the last 30 years, in the course of which classical industrial society has given way to a new kind of modernity that is oriented toward the particular and the unique. But the pervasive singularization of the social also generates systematic asymmetries and disparities. Reckwitz examines the dual structure of singularization and polarization characteristic of our disenchanted times and outlines the central structural features of the present: the new class society, the conflict between culture and identity, the exhaustion resulting from the imperative to seek authentic fulfilment, and the crisis of liberalism. 229 x 152mm • 212 pages • UK June 2021, US September 2021 HB • 978-1-5095-4569-8 • £55.00 / $69.95 / €67.90 PB • 978-1-5095-4570-4 • £17.99 / $24.95 / €21.90 ebook available


The Uncontrollability of the World HARTMUT ROSA Friedrich Schiller University Translated by James C. Wagner “A rare combination of erudition, theoretical sophistication and philosophical inventiveness.” Achille Mbembe, author of Necropolitics The driving cultural force of that form of life we call ‘modern’ is the desire to make the world controllable. As such, we tend to encounter the world as a series of objects that we have to conquer, master or exploit. Yet it is only in encountering the uncontrollable that we really experience the world – only then do we feel touched, moved and alive. This short book – the sequel to Rosa’s path-breaking work on social acceleration and resonance – will be of great interest students and scholars in sociology and the social sciences and to anyone concerned with the nature of modern social life. 216 x 138mm • 144 pages • UK September 2020, US November 2020 HB • 978-1-5095-4315-1 • £50.00 / $64.95 / €61.90 PB • 978-1-5095-4316-8 • £15.99 / $22.95 / €19.90 ebook available



Resonance A Sociology of Our Relationship to the World HARTMUT ROSA Friedrich Schiller University Translated by James C. Wagner “A truly important book.” Craig Calhoun, Arizona State University Modern life is speeding up, yet we do not seem any happier. If acceleration is the problem, then the solution, argues Hartmut Rosa in this major work, lies in ‘resonance’. 229 x 152mm • 576 pages • 2019 HB • 978-1-5095-1989-7 • £30.00 / $45.00 / €36.90 PB • 978-1-5095-1991-0 • £18.99 / $26.95 / €22.90 ebook available

Enrichment A Critique of Commodities LUC BOLTANSKI and ARNAUD ESQUERRE EHESS Translated by Catherine Porter “A seminal book.” European Journal of Sociology “A foundation stone in a sociology of dystopia for our times.” Charles Sabel, Columbia Law School This book offers a major new account of modern capitalism and of the ways in which value and wealth are created today. The authors argue that since the last quarter of the 20th century, capitalism in the West has undergone a fundamental transformation characterized by de-industrialization and by the increased exploitation of certain resources. 229 x 152mm • 496 pages • UK April 2020, US May 2020 HB • 978-1-5095-2872-1 • £35.00 / $45.00 / €42.90 ebook available



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