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Uprooting The Crisis of Traditional Agriculture in Algeria PIERRE BOURDIEU, ABDELMALEK SAYAD and PAUL A. SILVERSTEIN Translated by Susan Emanuel “A stunning document on colonial conflagration and a pioneering analysis of its distinctive rationale that will enrich the rapidly growing scholarship on empires, colonies and postcolonies.” Loïc Wacquant, University of California, Berkeley Written by one of the greatest sociologists of the 20th century, this classic analysis of one of the largest population displacements in history – the forcible resettling of over two million Algerian peasants during the Algerian War – enables us to grasp the most fundamental structures of peasant economy and thought. 229 x 152mm • 240 pages • UK June 2020, US August 2020 HB • 978-0-7456-2353-5 • £55.00 / $69.95 / €67.90 PB • 978-0-7456-2354-2 • £18.99 / $26.95 / €24.90

Infinite Mobilization Towards a Critique of Political Kinetics PETER SLOTERDIJK Karlsruhe School of Design Translated by Sandra Berjan “Sloterdijk’s reflections on political kinetics remain perceptive today.” Stuart Elden, University of Warwick What we commonly refer to as ‘the project of modernity’ is the idea that human beings have the power to bring the world under their control. But as we actualize our plans, we set in motion unintended side-effects. What looked like a steady march towards freedom turns out to be a slide into a catastrophic syndrome of perpetual mobilization. In this brilliant and insightful book, Sloterdijk lays out the elements of a new critical theory of modernity understood as a critique of political kinetics, shifting the focus of critical theory from production to mobilization and shedding new light on a world facing the growing risk of humanly induced catastrophe. 229 x 152mm • 176 pages • UK April 2020, US June 2020 HB • 978-1-5095-1847-0 • £55.00 / $69.95 / €67.90 PB • 978-1-5095-1848-7 • £17.99 / $24.95 / €23.90 ebook available

After God PETER SLOTERDIJK Karlsruhe School of Design Translated by Ian Alexander Moore “Whether one agrees with it or not, this book will help stimulate more fruitful and mutually respectful debates about religion.” John Milbank, University of Nottingham In his Critique of Cynical Reason, Peter Sloterdijk pursued an enlightenment of the Enlightenment in both its beginnings and the present. After God is dedicated to the theological enlightenment of theology. It ranges from the period when gods reigned to reveries about the godlike power of artificial intelligence. This revealing work by one of the most original thinkers today will appeal to students and scholars across the humanities and social sciences, as well as to anyone interested in religion, philosophy, and critical theory. 229 x 152mm • 256 pages • UK April 2020, US June 2020 HB • 978-1-5095-3350-3 • £55.00 / $69.95 / €67.90 PB • 978-1-5095-3351-0 • £17.99 / $24.95 / €23.90 ebook available

Forms of Capital General Sociology, Volume 3 PIERRE BOURDIEU Translated by Peter Collier This is the third of five volumes based on the lectures given by Pierre Bourdieu at the Collège de France in the early 1980s. In these lectures, Bourdieu sets out to define sociology as an intellectual discipline, and in doing so he introduces and clarifies the key concepts which have come to define his distinctive intellectual approach. This is the best introduction to one of Bourdieu’s most important concepts: capital. 229 x 152mm • 400 pages • UK May 2021, US July 2021 HB • 978-1-5095-2670-3 • £30.00 / $45.00 / €36.90


Classification Struggles General Sociology, Volume 1 PIERRE BOURDIEU Translated by Peter Collier In this first volume of this major series, Bourdieu focuses on the fundamental social process of classifying the world and the struggles this causes, covering age, sex, race and class. An ideal introduction to some of his most important ideas, this will be of great interest to the many scholars and general readers who appreciate Bourdieu’s work. 229 x 152mm • 192 pages • 2019 HB • 978-1-5095-1327-7 • £25.00 / $35.00 / €30.90

Habitus and Field General Sociology, Volume 2 PIERRE BOURDIEU Translated by Peter Collier This is the second of five volumes based on the lectures given by Pierre Bourdieu at the Collège de France in the early 1980s under the title ‘General Sociology’. In this volume, Bourdieu focuses on two of his most important and influential concepts: habitus and field. 229 x 152mm • 432 pages • 2019 HB • 978-1-5095-2669-7 • £35.00 / $45.00 / €42.90

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