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Inside your April 2021 issue...




Regulars and Reviews... 06 The mini outdoor gallery Darren Scala contributes his regular feature sharing his expert knowledge of the miniature world.

30 Valuable advice Angie Scarr offers business support with her new book.

36 At Home with the Broadwoods Bea Broadwood of Petite Properties exclusively shares her expert advice, opinions and tips to questions asked by the modelling community.

60 Reader project: Caroline Johnson Caroline shares how she rescued her childhood dolls house and redecorated it in a cool 70s style!

62 The Whole Kit & Caboodle Moi Ali explores a china cabinet kit by Melissa’s

Miniwereld from Melissa Sipma.

63 What’s in the May issue? A look at the content you won’t want to miss including fascinating interviews, features and more!

Exclusive Projects... 20 Gardener’s delight Another project in our series of garden tools! In this edition Candy shares how to create essential garden tools, a perfect edition to any garden scene.

28 Chocolate Easter Egg Maive Ferrando shares in simple steps how to create a perfect miniature chocolate egg for your Easter scenes.

45 Quick make project: Read all about it: 1940s magazine rack

Learn to create this decorative magazine rack for your sitting room scenes in simple step by steps.

57 Miniature macrame After an inspiring visit to Rembrandt’s house,

Moi Ali’s project is essential for any gallery or hobby painter’s scene.

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4 April 2021

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