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Contents April 2021 • Volume 93 • Issue 04

18COVID-19HAS CHANGED SCIENCE With millions of lives at stake, scientists have accelerated research and its dissemination to tackle Covid-19. When we emerge from the pandemic, science, and our relationship with it, may never be the same again.

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GAGARIN’S JOURNEY Christoph Otto sets off on a Gagarin pilgrimage, 60 years after the Russian became the first man in space.

44SPOTLIGHT ON: JURASSIC COAST The dramatic scenery of the Jurassic Coast and the fossils hidden within its rocks make it one-of-a-kind.


CAGING A STAR A closer look inside ITER, the world’s biggest nuclear fusion experiment situated in the idyllic south of France.

TIME UNRAVELLING Alex McMaster travels by yacht to the small town of Tasiilaq in southeastern Greenland where he learns about mercury poisoning.


WORLDWATCH 6 World map projections 8 Twenty years of the Human Genome Project 9 Climatewatch 10 Mapping wildfires 12 Opinion: stop the arms race 14 Water conflicts 15 Geopolitical hotspot: vaccine diplomacy 16 Research round-up REGULARS 60 Geo-graphic: forests 62 Reviews 66 Geo-photographer: Do brumbies dream in red? 70 Where in the world? 71 Crossword 72 In Society; RGS–IBG events 74 RGS-IBG archive 76 Discovering Britain 82 Next month

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