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i Leading articles

Happy Easter, Bunnies ALP loses the Palestinian plot iv Brown study

Pollie Central Neil Brown v Latham’s law

Canberra story Mark Latham vi Spending other people’s money

Pollies playing us for mugs Judith Sloan vii Academic freedom so last century Has the free speech fightback begun? Ramesh Thakur viii Australian notes

Time for a new party? James Allan ix Prime Minister for Women

And Handmaids of Misogyny Rebecca Weisser x NSW, home of white privilege

Berejiklian government indoctrinating racism Bella d’Abrera xi Woke culture thrives in the weeds of socialism Progressives help the communist superpower Maurice Newman xii Business/Robbery etc.

Corporate greening Michael Baume

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Pilate episode, p28


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary America’s new religions

Andrew Sullivan 6 The Spectator’s Notes

The mystery of monasticism Charles Moore 7 Rod Liddle Why will nobody publish my cartoons? 17 Douglas Murray

Normal life matters 19 Mary Wakefield

In defence of Flannery O’Connor 16 Barometer Football losses,

big canals and UK steel 20 Ancient and modern

Split decisions 22 Letters Vaccine passports, Raj memories and a Scottish dystopia 23 Any other business

Enterprise and teamwork, not greed, delivered the vaccines Martin Vander Weyer

Spectator Australia letters to the editor and

Civil serpent, p41

8 The fightback

The West must take on China James Forsyth 9 WHO knows?

We can’t be sure of Covid’s origins Gilles Demaneuf 10 Resurrected

Has the vaccine cured my long Covid? Marcus Berkmann 11 Believe it or not

The rise of spiritual consumerism James Mumford 12 The new opposition

An interview with Ed Davey Katy Balls 13 Sticking point

The need to tackle vaccine hesitancy Richard Dobbs 14 Latter-day sinners

The Mormons’ troubled history Damian Thompson 15 In good faith

We Mormons aren’t that different James Holt 16 Holiday let

It’s time to get Britain travelling again Mark Palmer 18 Physicist’s notebook

What Easter is really about Carlo Rovelli 20 The real dissidents Conservatives, the campus radicals

David Abulafia

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