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CONTENTS p. 10 Golden Age of African film takes off Shooting an African film for an international audience.

Readers’ views 04 Your comments and letters Kaleidoscope 06 Briefs 08 Quote/unquote Editorial 09 They did not see Magufuli coming Cover story 10 Is this the start of the golden age of

African films? 12 Reinventing the seventh art 14 Ben Amadasun, content director, Netflix 16 10 best African films Special report Food security in africa 20 Menace of the three ‘Cs’ 22 Small gains in malnutrition battle 23 Build nutrition into food chain 24 More beans, less meat can cut transmissions 25 Private sector role vital for food security 26 Agri-insurance key to higher yields

Ivor at large 28 Time for the US

to show up in Africa Focus on education 30 Focus on learning:

Making education count 31 Why quality education for girls is vital 32 Investment in education will stimulate economies 34 Building a STEM

pipeline across Africa Letter from london 36 Reverberations of Meghan and Harry interview Survey 38 The African youth survey – part 2 Moky’s musings 39 Making space for strong women Special report Housing a continent 41 How to build 500m affordable homes 42 Housing at heart of social change 43 Housing and upward mobility 44 Housing can unlock wealth

45 African diaspora:

unlimited source of housing finance 46 Fund will boost homes and economic growth 48 Climate-smart housing 50 Modern bricks provide neat solutions 51 New generation designs 52 Help-to-buy models 54 Innovative financing for housing 55 A multidimensional approach 56 Pan-African solutions 58 Solving title deed snarl-ups 59 Total control of construction projects 60 The power of ‘massive small’ Time-travel in africa 62 Back in time to 1970s Algeria Book reviews 64 Making the impossible possible 66 Examining the soul of Africa Sport 70 African soccer stars:

Paul Pogba and André Ayew

NewAfrican The bestselling pan-African magazine, founded in 1966. APRIL/MAY 2021 ISSUE 607

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