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WHAT ARTISTS SAY ‘Blüthner instruments can really sing. This is certainly the highest compliment one can pay to a piano’ Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886-1954)


‘Blüthner pianos have an exceptionally beautiful tone’

Mikhail Pletnev (b 1957)

models aside from the Model 11 feature aliquot stringing.

Two other unique technical features characterise Blüthner Classic pianos. Angled hammers follow the string line in order to maximise energy distribution, while soundboards with a cylindrical crown give the instruments their characteristic colour. As Jeremy Nicholas writes in The Great Piano Makers : ‘This special crown emphasises the lower harmonic tones, giving the sound a darker, more velvety character.’

Blüthner’s acoustic range also includes several special designs. Blüthner Supreme reproduces historic art cases in exquisite wood finishes. Crystal Edition offers four transparent models with acrylic cases, while the PH Grand realises the futuristic vision of Danish designer Poul Henningsen (1894-1967).

Blüthner Classic pianos are competitively priced, beginning at £12,900 for a Model D upright and £38,490 for the Model 11 baby grand. A standard Model 1 costs £129,700.

Blüthner Classic grand pianos Model Length cm Weight kgs Model 1 280 524 Model 2 238 405 Model 4 210 345 Model 6 190 330 Model 10 166 290 Model 11 154 280 Blüthner Classic upright pianos Model Height cm Weight kgs Model S 146 320 Model B 133 270 Model A 124 250 Model C 118 240 Model D 116 250

e-volution system Blüthner unveiled their own hybrid piano system in 2016. Dubbed ‘e-volution’, this offers digitally sampled sounds from a Blüthner grand piano plus MIDI functionality and Bluetooth connectivity. It can be added to any

Blüthner or Haessler upright piano, allowing the player to choose between acoustic and digital modes, or use both together. The cost of the system is around £6,000.

Blüthner Digital Blüthner produces a small range of e-Klavier digital pianos, including two grand-style models (eGrand Concert and eGrand Studio), three upright models (Sonus, e3 and Homeline) and a Pianette design by Poul Henningsen. All e-Klaviers use the company’s Acoustic Simulation Technology, which combines sampling and sound modelling to replicate Blüthner’s aliquot system and other string resonance effects. MIDI, Bluetooth and USB connectivity come as standard, together with recording, transposition, metronome and fine-tuning functions.

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