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Bösendorfer grand pianos Model Keys Length cm Weight kgs 290 Imperial 97 290 552 280VC 88 280 507 225 92 225 419 214VC 88 214 367 200 88 200 353 185VC 88 185 332 170VC 88 170 316 Bösendorfer upright pianos Model Height cm Weight kgs Grand Upright 130 130 264 Grand Upright 120 120 262

SILENT Pianos Yamaha’s SILENT system allows the player to mute the acoustic piano and listen through headphones to digitally sampled sounds. This functionality can be added to both Bösendorfer upright models as well as the 170VC, 185VC, 200 and 214VC.

Disklavier ENSPIRE Yamaha’s sophisticated self-playing technology features an extensive library of performances by leading artists, capturing every nuance of their interpretations. The new ENSPIRE system also allows pianists to record and play back their own music. Available for Bösendorfer models 170VC, 185VC, 200, 214VC and the Concert Grand 280VC.

WHAT ARTISTS SAY ‘I loved Bösendorfer from the first touch’ Wilhelm Backhaus (1884-1969)

‘All instruments try to imitate the human voice and this piano does it on a very, very high level’ Sir András Schiff (b 1953)

Visit the Bösendorfer YouTube channel for artist interviews, performances and more: UCXYDOD6D4MfzL1M2F-ZIaXQ

International Piano Guide to Instruments & Accessories 17

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