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Fazioli Pianoforti I

taly was the birthplace of the piano, yet it wasn’t until three centuries after Bartolomeo Cristofori unveiled his revolutionary hammer mechanism that the country got its first great piano brand.

for his instruments – the Val di Fiemme in the Trentino region of the Dolomite mountains. Actions, hammers and keyboards are supplied by the leading German manufacturers Renner, Abel and Kluge.

Paolo Fazioli was born in 1944 and hails from a family of furniture makers. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Rome and holds a diploma in piano from the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro.

In 1978, Fazioli assembled a small team of experts to design a ‘conceptually new piano’. Their first prototype instrument was completed in 1980 and the following year a piano workshop was officially established at the family’s furniture factory in Sacile, 40 miles northeast of Venice. The first Fazioli models were the F183, F156, F228 and F278 – the number denoting each instrument’s length in centimetres. Then, in 1986, came the company’s flagship instrument: the F308 concert grand. Designed to offer enhanced power and richness of tone, it is the longest and heaviest piano commercially available today.

Fazioli pianos feature a unique tuning system: the extra length of non-speaking string between the bridge and the frame is tuned to a harmonic of the primary tone, resulting in enhanced clarity in the upper register. The F308 is described on Fazioli’s website as the company’s ‘absolute “jewel in the crown”, designed for modern large-capacity concert halls and very big spaces’. It includes a fourth pedal that reduces the hammer-blow distance by moving the hammers closer to the strings. This does not change the timbre but helps facilitate glissandos, pianissimos, rapid passages and legatos.

Fazioli exclusively produces hand-built grand pianos, with every instrument approved personally by Paolo before leaving the factory. Around 150 Fazioli pianos are built each year. A new Fazioli factory and research lab opened in 2001, followed by the 238-seat Fazioli Concert Hall in 2005.

Leading artists who have praised Fazioli instruments include Martha Argerich, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Alfred Brendel, Aldo Ciccolini and Leon Fleisher. Angela Hewitt performs exclusively on Fazioli pianos, while other famous owners are Boris Giltburg, Vadym Kholodenko and Daniil Trifonov.

Fazioli pianos also grace the stages of dozens of concert halls and conservatoires worldwide, from La Fenice in Venice and Budapest’s Palace of Arts to New York’s Juilliard School and the Paris Conservatoire.

CURRENT INSTRUMENTS Acoustic pianos The Fazioli range comprises six grand pianos. All use premium components to guarantee the best possible playability and sound quality.

Spruce for Fazioli soundboards is sourced from the same forests that Stradivarius used

All Fazioli models are available in a variety of finishes, reflected in the pricing of each instrument. The F156 in satin and polished ebony is marketed for around £89,000, while the F308 starts at £175,000. Fazioli also offers a bespoke design service for clients who want their own unique art case.

Fazioli grand pianos Model Length cm Weight kgs F308 308 690 F278 278 590 F228 228 415 F212 212 390 F183 183 340 F156 156 295

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