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visitors can appreciate the company’s long history of skilled craft production.’

August Förster pianos are increasingly being taken up by schools, conservatoires and performance venues in Europe and beyond, such as the Oper Berlin, Moscow State Opera and Scottish Opera. The company also supports several competitions, masterclass series and local cultural events, including Dresden’s International Carl Maria von Weber Competition for Young Pianists and the International Goslar Piano Festival in Saxony.

A competition at Hamburg’s Elbphilhamonie in 2017 placed the August Förster 125 F upright in second place after Steinway & Sons, while the August Förster 215 concert grand came third.

CURRENT INSTRUMENTS Acoustic pianos August Förster pianos are very well constructed, using premium woods and Renner actions. They boast a particularly rich bass.

August Förster grand pianos Model Length cm Weight kgs Model 275 Super Mondial 275 550 Model 215 Concert Grand 215 475 Model 190 Master Class 190 375 Model 170 Studio Grand 170 350 August Förster upright pianos Model Height cm Weight kgs Model 134 K 134 280 Model 125 F 125 240 Model 125 G 125 240 Model 116 E 116 225 Model 116 D 116 215

Unlike many other piano manufacturers that now produce multiple brands at different price points, August Förster is solely dedicated to its traditional manufacturing process. Their core catalogue comprises four grand piano models and five uprights. The Model 116 E upright is also made in a ‘Chippendale’ variant featuring curved cabriole legs. Customised designs and an almost unlimited variety of veneers are available on request.

Pricing of August Förster upright pianos begins at £12,850 up to £29,100. Grands range from £36,290 to £96,390. All August Förster instruments are certified by the German Piano Makers’ Association as 100 per cent ‘Made in Germany’.


‘The August Förster piano has a gently flowing tone, softness and strength. Its impact is extremely pleasant.’ Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)

‘The touch is crisp, accurate and responsive, with a sonorous and brilliant sound in all registers. But it also has a welcome delicacy.’ Peter Hill (b 1948)

A short promotional documentary about August Förster pianos can be seen on YouTube:

International Piano Guide to Instruments & Accessories 29

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