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hen it comes to the piano, expertise and experience are everything. Twelve-thousand parts, infinite complexity and a lifetime of learning mean it is just the most persistent and ambitious suppliers that can present world-class instruments. Grand Passion Pianos is the only piano restoration company in the UK that specialises solely in grand pianos – and exclusively from the makers Steinway & Sons and Pleyel. By focussing on grand pianos and the two brands which we have determined to offer the best options for our customers, we have developed leading independent brand capability. Although we offer both modern and rebuilt instruments, we are known, in particular, for our meticulous rebuilding of early twentieth century pianos. Our rebuilding process includes new pinblocks, new actions and a proprietary specification which results in a tone and touch which equals or surpasses a new piano. Our completed pianos prove that a rebuilt piano does not have to be “old-fashioned” or in any way inferior to a new piano. We are one of the few UK rebuilders to have been recommended and endorsed by International Piano magazine.

Pleyels were famously the favourite piano of Chopin, who found the dark and malleable tone ideally suited to his music. The Pleyels which we rebuild are later instruments from the early twentieth century, fully modern in design, but nevertheless retain the essential sound identity of the Chopin-era providing the pianist or enthusiast with the “best of both worlds”. Amongst the models of Pleyel grand piano from this era, we particularly like the versatile 164cm baby grands (Modèles “3bis” and “F”) which offer a beautiful, colourful tone, surprising power and a performance on a par with a much larger piano. The Modèle 3 (6’8”) is an excellent choice for the professional pianist with a profound, expressive tone and long keys offering an exceptional touch. For those that have never tried a Pleyel grand piano before, we would invite you to audition one at Grand Passion Pianos. A full guide to Pleyel grand piano models follows:

The house of Pleyel has always been avant-garde with its piano cabinet styling and Pleyel pianos are exceptionally beautiful aesthetically as well as musically.

Justifiably the world’s best-known piano brand, there is undeniably something magical about the Steinway grand piano. For rebuilding, we are particularly focussed on examples from the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s. There was a perfect combination of the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship during this era which imbued Steinway pianos with a rich, powerful and intoxicating tone. Once rebuilt, these instruments are exceptional in every way. We favour Models M, O and B from this period and often have an example of each on display. We also offer more modern instruments, prepared for performance in our ateliers, and recent examples have included a 2007 Model B and a 1988 Model M. During the past several years, we have worked with the pre-eminent piano scientist Stephen Paulello to incorporate a new type of bass string into our rebuilt Pleyel grand pianos. The culmination is an advanced bass string which utilises several different types of metal and plays with great clarity and depth, even in shorter grand pianos. In addition, we use Stephen Paulello’s hybrid stringing technology for the unwound strings to optimise the tone across the scale of the piano. These exciting technologies have been featured in International Piano magazine.

� Pleyel grand pianos from £14,000 � Steinway grand pianos from £25,000 � 0% interest options available on all pianos � Audio samples of any piano and virtual viewings � Free ground-floor UK delivery, international delivery available on request � Pleyel grand piano hire fleet available for concerts and events

� Pleyel Modèle 1 – 278cm – full concert grand � Pleyel Modèle 1bis – 243cm – semi concert grant � Pleyel Modèle 2 – 226cm – salon grant � Pleyel Modèle 3 – 204cm – medium grand � Pleyel Modèle D – 193cm – boudoir grand � Pleyel Modèle 3bis – 164cm – baby grand piano � Pleyel Modèle F – 164 cm – baby grand piano

Fully independent expertise and experience 0800 233 5213

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