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WHAT ARTISTS SAY ‘The Shigeru Kawai piano is unsurpassed in its craftsmanship and beauty of tone’ Earl Wild (1915-2010)

‘In my opinion, Kawai makes today the best piano in the world!’ Mikhail Pletnev (b 1957)

that allows the soundboard to deliver digital audio or other instrument sounds without additional speakers. Developed in collaboration with premium audio manufacturer Onkyo, the resulting sound is rich, powerful and expansive. AURES models also incorporate Kawai’s AnyTimeX3 system. The K-300 AURES is priced at £8,222 and the K-500 costs £11,111.

Kawai digital pianos Series Model Weight kgs NOVUS NV 10 127

NV 5 113 DG Series DG 30 80 CA Series CA 99 83

CA 79 76 CA 59 66 CA 49 58 CN Series CN 39 54

CN 29 43

AURES is complemented by Kawai’s digital hybrid NOVUS range. These models feature a specially adapted Millennium III Hybrid keyboard action, substituting traditional felt hammers with new ABS equivalents, while high-precision optical sensors take the place of strings. The latest SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine is supplemented by a wide range of acoustic piano sounds and other instrument voices. The NOVUS NV5 costs £5,888 and the NV 10 is £9,155.

Digital pianos The latest addition to Kawai’s stable of digital pianos is the DG 30 (pictured above). This high specification Digital Grand promises ‘the touch, sound and appearance of a grand piano at an affordable price’. The keyboard uses Kawai’s Responsive Hammer III action, while Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology reproduces the sound of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX plus dozens of other voices. Amplification is via a powerful 4-speaker system developed in collaboration with Onkyo. Bluetooth technology allows the DG 30’s functionality to be expanded with a wide variety of apps, or for audio stored on a smartphone or tablet to be played through the piano’s speakers wirelessly. Priced at £4,444.

Kawai’s premium digital pianos in their CA Series combine 88-key sampling and Harmonic Imaging sound technology with wooden Grand Feel III keys. The CN Series offers similarly high sound quality but with plastic Responsive Hammer III keys. Pricing runs from £1,288 for the CN 29 to £3,766 for the CA 99.

Visit the YouTube channel of Kawai Europe to view performances, interviews and more:

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