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WHAT ARTISTS SAY ‘The D3D Phoenix action offers fantastic sound and consistency of tone’ Anton Lyakhovsky (b 1979)

much higher strength-to-weight ratios than wood, so soundboards made from these materials can be extremely thin. ‘With less of the vibrating strings’ energy lost in translation’, says the company’s website, ‘the result is more volume, richer harmonic colours and greater s u s t a i n .’ The Phoenix Hammer System comprises carbon fibre hammer shanks, bespoke premium Abel hammers and the world’s first 3D-printed action. These features guarantee a high degree of responsiveness and durability, making them much less susceptible to wear and tear or variations in temperature and humidity that can damage traditional wooden piano actions.

The Phoenix Model 130 upright is based on the design of the Steingraeber 130 but incorporates many of the design innovations found elsewhere in the Phoenix range. In 2019, the company’s first climate-resistant Kevlar soundboard was installed in a 130 upright.

All Phoenix instruments come with carbon fibre soundboards as standard, but can be fitted with spruce or Kevlar on request. A sequenced half-blow pedal is also available for better control of quiet playing or for accompaniment. Buyers can choose from over 100 wood finishes in addition to standard black polyester.

Prices available on request.

Phoenix grand pianos Model Height cm Weight kgs 272 272 501 232 232 481 212 212 439 170 170 310 Phoenix upright pianos Model Height cm Weight kgs 130 102 227

Listen to Phoenix Pianos founder Richard Dain tell the story of his innovative designs:

International Piano Guide to Instruments & Accessories 43

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