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CURRENT INSTRUMENTS Acoustic pianos Chris Maene’s family of straight-strung grand pianos are notable for their transparency of tone. They possess three distinct registers that combine to create an open, crystal-clear sound, revealing colours and articulation rarely heard on cross-strung instruments. These qualities are enhanced by other unique design features: specially designed bridges, ribs and bracings; red brass strings rather than yellow; custom-built Renner actions; and spruce soundboards that combine different grain directions to keep each register separate. Their compass is 90 keys, from GGG – c’’’’. The current line-up includes three grand pianos, ranging in length from 250cm to 284cm. A fourth, smaller model will be added later this year: the Chris Maene Straight Strung Parlor Grand, designed for home use and smaller concert venues.

Prices available on request.

WHAT ARTISTS SAY ‘The construction and sound possibilities of Chris Maene’s straight strung grand make it a brand-new piano – a true alternative for the 21st century’ Daniel Barenboim (b 1942)

Chris Maene straight strung grand pianos Model Height cm Weight kgs CM284 284 515 CM250 250 485 CM228 228 420 CM200 200 385

‘It combines the assets of the 19th-century piano with the power and brilliance of the modern instrument. And the feel of the keyboard is a dream!’ Emanuel Ax (b 1949)

Visit Chris Maene’s YouTube channel for performances, artist interviews and more: UCYT4xSD0lkXt8iOLqcrC77A

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