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August Förster

The August Förster factory is one of the oldest established piano factories in the world and it thrives in a corner of Saxony steeped in rich musical traditions. The dedicated craftmen work with an assurance and a love of their work; they believe that high quality pianos are produced using traditional skills. They produce a few hundred pianos each year.


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“Wee’s recording earns him a place in the history books.”

International Piano


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“The precision of his attack, the clarity of the part-playing, the linear focus and structural grasp of each movement of the Symphony are quite thrilling to experience.”

Gramophone, Editor’s Choice

Marketed and distributed in the UK by Naxos Music UK Ltd T: +44 (0)1737 645 600 • E: Available for download in studio master quality from For international distribution see

All August Förster pianos carry the BVK (German Piano Maker Association) accreditation, certified 100% made in Germany: they are guaranteed for five years and will provide a lifetime of reliable professional use.

The range includes upright pianos (prices from £12,850) at 116cm, 125cm and 134cm; black polyester is standard but wood finish - cherry, mahogany, walnut - are readily available. Grand pianos (prices from £36,290) are available in four sizes: 170cm, 190cm, 215cm and 275cm.

Peregrine’s Pianos, 137A Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8TU


Forsyth Brothers, 126 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2GR

( Tyneside Piano Company, 34 Wellhead Terrace, Ashington NE63 8PA


August Förster ... with traditions and experience going back 160 years

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