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The Steingraeber catalogue features five grand models and three uprights. Construction of these instruments combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, using natural resonating materials that guarantee a unified sound. Unique design elements include multiple ‘energy retainers’ to minimise the loss of vibrations: agraffes with steel pins, drilled capo d’astro bars, hardened bridge pins and wooden joints. The keyboards of Steingraeber grands offer a light touch with delicately balanced black keys that weigh one gram less than their adjacent naturals. These instruments can also be fitted with the Mozart Rail or Sordino system, operated via a knee lever or pedal.

Steingraeber’s upright range comes with a choice of three different actions: Steingraber Classic, Profi Studio (PS) and SteingraeberFerro-Magnet (SFM). The SFM option promises a ‘grand-piano feeling with fast repetition’ by using repelling magnets in place of the springs found in standard upright actions.

Steingraeber uprights are priced at between £25,350 for the 122 T and £41,270 for the 138 K. The grands start at £57,995 for the A-170 up to £112,995 for the E-272. A vast array of designs and finishes are available at an additional cost.

Transducer pianos Steingraeber’s transducer system was developed in collaboration with the University of Musik Würzburg, IRCAM Paris and SWR’s (Südwestrundfunk) Experimental Studio in Freiburg. It can be played in all temperaments and registers, including historical and non-European. Sounds have been realised using the physical modelling approach of piano acoustician Philippe Guillaume and his firm Modartt (creators of Pianoteq). The transducer can also act as a ‘volume booster’ for open-air concerts.

WHAT ARTISTS SAY ‘Steingraeber instruments are perfect for the soloist, orchestra and conductor’ Sir Neville Marriner (1924-2016)

‘It is a great pleasure to play Steingraeber grand pianos. I enjoy their precision, longlasting reverberation and comfortable keyboard mechanism’ Daniil Trifonov (b 1991)

Steingraeber grand pianos Model Length cm Weight kgs E-272 276 490 D-232 232 412 C-212 213 363 B-192 192 320 A-170 170 291 Steingraeber upright pianos Model Length cm Weight kgs 138 K 138 277 130 T 130 227 122 T 122 215

Silent pianos Steingraeber pianos can now be fitted with the high-end ‘adsilent’ system developed by German piano technician Andreas Dütz. The digital sound heard through headphones when the mute function is enabled has been physically modelled to replicate Steingraeber’s flagship E-272 concert grand.

Additional features of the system include recording and playback with MIDI functionality, a dedicated smartphone app accessed via Bluetooth, plus the capacity to integrate with computers, stereos or player systems.

Visit Steingraeber’s YouTube channel for performances, interviews and more: UCHk5VlubD4t6QQU39OkA-Sg/videos

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