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can also be converted to a MIDI file, compatible with other types of hardware and software, or exported in simulated audio as an MP3 file.

Like all technology, Spirio is constantly evolving and Steinway has a long list of planned features in the queue. The ability for users to create and share their own videos is just one of the treats under development. In the meantime, Steinway has teamed up with Lang Lang and the American furniture designer Dakota Jackson to launch a special limited edition Spirio r – the Lang Lang Black Diamond.

Jackson’s design (pictured below) combines the elegance of ebony with the brilliance of chrome. Its unique features include three diamond-shaped silhouettes that punctuate the line of the rim and a small diamond engraved in silver above the keyboard. ‘Dakota is a magician’, says Lang Lang. ‘He knows exactly how to create illusions, emotions, reflections – and turn ideas into designs.’

Feidner describes his role at Steinway as ‘very interesting’ because it is such a traditional company. ‘When you start introducing things to factories that have been operating for 150 years it can be pretty challenging, but incredibly rewarding at the same time,’ he explains. ‘Spirio is changing the way we do business around the world in all sorts of positive ways: it’s now a huge part of our product mix.’ IP

‘Our goal is to make each Spirio performance virtually indistinguishable from the original recording’





Eric Feidner is senior vice-president for music technology and media with Steinway & Sons Global

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