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30 COVER FEATURE Seeds of the people The pandemic has helped to galvanise a new movement of growers and seed-savers: could it be the start of a fresh era of seed diversity?

The eco-friendly spirit brand 38 A company that set out to become the world’s most sustainable spirit company has made a tipple that it says actually benefits the planet

Coffee with a positive impact

48 How to ensure your daily caffeine hit doesn’t mean the planet takes a hit

58 Relying on renewables

How does the UK reach net zero by 2050? Our best bet is to put our faith in tried and tested renewable energy technology, a report finds





Spirit and song in Mauritania 50

A group of refugee musicians who have been brought together by spirit and circumstance are finding solace in song

60 Bling without a sting From diamonds made from thin air to precious metals salvaged from e-waste, the projects that are hammering out a treasure trove of sustainable jewellery

64 Where in the world? The What3Words app means that everywhere on Earth has an address

66 The firms that are giving away a slice of income A Devon-based insurance company that has given away £1m is just one business diverting revenue to progressive causes

68 Wooden buildings It’s versatile, light, carbon-capturing and may even make us feel better when we’re surrounded by it: timber is making a comeback in construction i g n s i n o s a u r D e s

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